Mr.Basant Sharma & Mrs.Pushpa Sharma
Our first experience of being at our resort in Hartola was like staying at Paradise. We can assure you that there is no other place on earth like this. Himalayan glaciers standing tall in front of us is the best experience of our lifetime. We are prud of the place and strongly believe in nurturing and protecting Mother Earth..
Sameer & Ashita
Owner – Sameecha Packaging, Lucknow

How would you feel when you open your window and the first ray of light kisses your face in the morning? The gentle breeze rubs your skin and enters your room and fills it with the aroma and all you can see is complete bliss. That’s what we felt when we were here. The first glimpse of the Himalayan range took our breath away. The orchids covered with fruits surrounded us. We could not have asked for anything more.
With love Ashita & Sameer
Dr. Gaurav (left) and parents Mrs Sukeshini and Mr D N Misra (right)
  Dr Gaurav Anand Misra
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Kanpur

“If somebody wants to know and understand it better, he will have to see that in its own atmosphere.” I read it somewhere and this stood out to be quite meaningful on my trip to “simply natural”. Mother Nature at her best here. All that you find here is the traffic loaded with parrots, morning alarm rung by the sweet chirping of the birds and food served from its own orchards. Believe me I never saw apples and plums hanging on the trees before I went to this beautiful place. And this is not all, I enjoyed a bonfire with the family and above everything had a splendid time with parents in the serenity and the unending peaceful silence, the only thing that was talking was those whispering trees around. Would certainly call it a home away from home. Thanks to Mr Parag and Mr Rohit to have suggested us about this place.
Raquel Carvalho Novais
Head – India & South East Asia, Surya Brasil Ltd.

I feel blessed just for the simple fact I have been to this breath taking place. It is pretty hard to find the right words to describe it, to give a brief idea of what I felt there. Closer to the clouds, far from all the urban worries, in direct connection to nature… and spectacle of natural aromas, amazing view combined with delicious food. It is a gentle experience of peace, freedom and harmony with mother Earth. I definitely recommend this resort. It was one of the best moments I spend with my husband, it really brought us closer! Muito obrigada (thank you very much)!
Ashu Singh
Photo Journalist – Photography, Documentaries & Visual Effects

It was nice experience to stay at your cottage, nice hospitality, warm welcome and nice food. It has all the wonderful scenic views . May I wish u best of luck to grow as an example of sustainable and environment friendly place.
Best Wishes
Gursharan Singh
Caretaker of Papaji Satsang Bhawan, Lucknow & Exporter of eco-friendly clothes & handicrafts

We congratulate you for the nice and comfortable stay like home so far away in the surroundings of the nature. It was a blissful stay and an ideal space for introspection of the self. Keep up the good work and we will try to get there more often.
Hina Pant
Officer – Response, Times of India

It was a mystifying experience, right under the open sky, surrounded by nature, within the warmth of Simply Natural Resort. A my-kind-of-place to unwind and rejuvenate completely!
Bhupendra Singh
Manager – HR & Admin, Organic India Pvt. Ltd.

My family has fallen in love with your resort and its surroundings. It was very encouraging to see my children’s enjoying variety of fruits directly from the trees. As advised by you we are looking forward to enjoy the snowfall this winter at your cottage.
Deepak Bhattacharya
Sr. Manager – Sales & Marketing, Organic India Pvt. Ltd.

Recently I visited your resort & thought of giving you my views and also thank you for the extended hospitality rendered by you. It was really a memeorable trip.For my family it was like a dream come true.In the heart of Himalayas such a beautiful Resort with the kind of facilities it is equipped;what else a person needs.It is truly a stress releving juncture especially for me as you know being in Sales the kind of work pressure & involvemnt I have in my job. My suggestion for Friends & Relatives - Must visit at least once a year for Recharging yourself.
Congratulations once again for such a beautiful Initiative.

Dinesh Singh
Director – Organic India Pvt. Ltd.

What a beautiful cottage at such a beautiful place. I must appreciate you for choosing such a unique place to rejuvenate. The place has much more than what you said. I had a great quality time with my family after a very long. This is for sure every six month we have to be there to retain back our energies.
Niha Khan
Branch Head - Utopia Royale Health & Fitness Center

The Simply Natural Resort is wonderful and fairly unobtrusive and well maintained. these are pluses
1- great view-unparallelled,untravelled and private from all suites
2- unobtrusive service and some fantastic getaways if you choose to explore.
3- without touristry std.traps-no contoured activities, false cheering, and planned breakaways, affords to set up ones own timetable and exploration.
4- food adequate and not hugely experimental.but fairly tasty and with wide choices
It was a great experience and absolutely rare for the place,without clutter,good recommendation.thanks for your help and found choice adequately reflected my sensitivities,will go back.definitely.
Vivek Mathur
Vice President IT - Bhumishq Group (Mauritius)

Amazing. An unforgettable experience amongst the tranquility and serenity of nature. It took us some time to decide on this trip but once we reached there, all our apprehensions regarding spending holidays in a hill resort with a small kid around vanished. We had all the fun and this trip gave us some quite moments to reflect and unwind.
My heartiest congratulations to you on such a wonderful initiative. Though this was a short trip but I already know I will be back here again, sometime soon.
Rahul Singh
Reliance Communications, Dehradun

Thanks for showing us one of the most picturesque country side ever. During our short stay at Simply Natural we realized what we were missing. The most amazing part was the location of the resort "right in the middle of nature" yet without disturbing the natural settings. And the view is most amazing (chk the pics)